One of the most difficult aspects of playing any instrument is learning to read notes quickly and efficiently. There are many exercises and suggestions provided by music teachers around the world, but one has always been part of the learning process for all new musicians. Learning to read piano music is as easy as memorizing some shortcuts that will help you navigate through the notes and know what you need to play before you need to play it.

Treble Clef Lines (EGBDF)

E – everyone
G – Okay
B – Band
D – Draws
F – The fans
Treble Clef Spaces (FACE)
F – Fork
A – A
C – Wands
E – everywhere
Bass Clef Lines (GBDFA)
G – Great
B – Beethoven’s
D – Deafness
F – Frustrated
A – Everything
Bass Clef Spaces (ACEG)
A – American
C – Composers
E – Envy
G – Gershwin

As you can see, the shortcuts and mnemonics above will help you learn the notes very easily. The reason they’re easier to remember is because they’re all catchy little rhymes that stick in your head once you’ve said them a few times. It also makes it easier for the mind to remember them because they associate something we have associated them with.

There are two other very important things you also need to know. You need to know how to quickly glance at a key and know what it means. The basic explanation for these two is that treble clef is “G” and bass clef is “F”. This should make it easier for you to remember when you see the symbol at the beginning of a series of notes on sheet music.

As mentioned above, you can take the letters of the above abbreviations and refine them for you. Just make sure that when you change the words to ones you’re more familiar with, they go together smoothly. If not, you will find that your journey may be more difficult than these because the mind remembers things better if it flows together and makes sense in our mind.

Don’t be intimidated and don’t worry if your piano playing doesn’t go as well as you planned at first. We all learn at our own pace, and while these simple shortcuts will help us remember the notes, Latest album it’s still up to us to get out there and play the notes.

As time goes by, you will find that reading notes from a sheet music is so easy that it is like a scholar reading a book. Stick with it and push through all doubts and fears, remember the above shortcuts and mnemonics and strive for perfection.

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